“Good Times..Leave your cares behind”

upper-level So Saturday Feb 18th, I & my close friend I mentioned in the last post had two tickets to a local event. The name of the band is Upper Level Featuring Libby C. You can find them on Facebook.com/LibbyC-Upperlevel. Libby C, MonRay & Calvin on Vocals, Milo-Lead guitar, Pookie-Bass, Glenn-Drums, Gioron- Rhythm Guitar  I have always been old school to my heart, I believe in respecting your elders, manners the whole deal. When it comes to my music I enjoy Chaka Khan, Stephanie Mills you get my point. Don’t misunderstand, I enjoy some hip-hop and rap but as the years pass by so much has been lost in quality. I haven’t been to a club in ages & now, I would welcome a nice bar lounge or poetry slam event. When we arrived, the concert had started and it was a full house, impressive. Awesome bar, dinners, nice booths to sit and enjoy the performance.  Definitely a Grown-N-Sexy Affair, everyone showed up, dressed to impress. I truly enjoyed the harmony with the vocalists and the bands overall upbeat demeanor. From “Circles” to “Respect” and of course my personal favorite “Love Bazaar” Upper Level had the dance floor packed. Door prize raffles were awesome & I was a winner of a beautiful basket: Bath& Body Works, Wine glasses and even better was a four CD compilation: A Love Mix and I have been enjoying the music all day today. As adults, we have so much responsibility ranging from work, parenting, relationships. It’s rare to get a break from it all and just take time to reflect on how you are doing, your emotional/mental state. For many, music is therapy and it heals as well as provide an escape from the daily routine and stress. When was the last time you went to an event, no drama, classy from start to finish? Upper level provided a positive vibe and a no judgement zone. There were many guests I didn’t know personally but individually as I made my way through, you could hear greetings, “How are you?” etc. The way it is supposed to be, no shade. We all want to get a two-step in and have a great time. You can tell the band has a cool rapport with each other because it shows in their music. Professionalism about your chosen craft is important, you work hard and the focus is on the undeniable talent. I wish these guys all the best in their future endeavors. Reminds me of the quote “Music is not what I do, it’s who I am” Thoroughly enjoyed myself!