Money/Success: Wealth is about options

I have received many emails, links, suggestions on how to build your brand, draw income to your blog and so on. Interesting and although I am quite sure I should look at some or most of the information, I have to be honest about my intentions. This decision to create a blog/brand about depression and mental illness was a hard one. Especially the toll it takes on black women. I mentioned before that within the African-American community, disability, mental illness and depression is often kept quiet, behind closed doors. To openly admit and accept that there is a flaw or an imbalance is perceived as being weak to very many. The idea of having a therapist has been a touchy subject as well. Having someone who at the onset, a stranger, analyze and engage in your emotions/thoughts seemed to be a bit much. For many black folk, the answer is prayer and attending the local church. While I advocate belief in a higher power and being around a solid support system, I strongly feel that connecting with a professional in mental health is key. A combination of prayer, meditation and therapy along with any extra measures(individual needs vary). Being vulnerable is not for wimps. There, I said it (smile). It takes a certain kind of strength to be able to stand or sit*ur choice* before others and say” This is who I am” To share your life as it unfolds, good or bad. My goal is to live life with a sense of security and peace. Financial gain used to be of importance as a teenager, thinking that I needed to have the latest materials in order to obtain approval. As I have matured, my individual concerns have turned to humanity concerns. I am not perfect but I never change, always authentic. I feel, this is more important in life. To be true to yourself. There are so many who choose to act immaturely to things they know nothing of but the core emotion operating in this case is FEAR. To step out from what others are doing and say” I experience something totally different, what does this mean?” Money is a necessary factor in life, this cannot be ignored. A wise person learns to recognize a need to have money on their mind but not in their heart. I recognize the need for saving and I am eager to learn more about investing. I would have to say most issues develop because we spend more than we have. Credit included but outside of that, I would like to make a difference in someone’s life, for someone to read my words and say” Yes, me too” or “Yes, I have these same issues, this is what I find helps me the most” When you remain teachable, there are no limits to the goals/dreams you have set for yourself. A beautiful heart can bring all the things in your life that all the money in the world couldn’t obtain and that’s a fact. queen

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