Social media, Anxiety/Depression

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn, social media has become the outlet for millions to connect. However, according to a recent mental health study, social media has become an anxiety-provoking factor. There’s the whole “compare & despair’ where viewing others on lavish vacations in other countries while you may post a trip to the library with the kids which pales in comparison so then it can lead to unsettling anxiety and sadness. For those of us that struggle with a disorder, it can be overwhelming to try to maintain a balance with the reality and the social media world, where very many pretend to gain more “likes” and/or “followers” I can honestly tell you that from my first experience with social media years ago, down to the last few weeks at attempting to create a business page for both Facebook and Twitter, it has been difficult. I have anxiety attacks and they happen in intensity when I engage on social media. I tend to get caught up in the personal aspect of connecting with old classmates and people from my neighborhood in The Bronx, New York.  I realize that down the line, as I gain more readers I may want to branch out and use a social media platform but I have made the decision to have a contributor/assistant take control of these outlets while I focus on creating blog content that readers can relate to. It all takes time and I am in no rush to throw “Beautiful Intellect” out in the social media universe until I am certain that it is the proper time. I can admit, when I started to do research about blogs and saw others, I felt that I needed to try to keep up and somehow if it contained “this” or “that” like other blogs then it is official. So far from the truth, your blog is YOUR identity. You choose to present it in ways that reflect your true self. There will be good days, bad days, it is all appreciated when it comes to writing. It is all right to accept the process as a step by step

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