Can U Believe

I love quotes in A.A. One of them is “Stinkin’ Thinking.” When my thoughts stink, my emotions suffer; my life suffers. When I realigned my thinking to the good, there is a subtle shift back to center; a shift back to equilibrium.

via My Daily Thought: How I Think — Just Ruminating

starsAfter reading this blog post quote by Rob The Ruminator, I had to re-blog because it was right on point for me. I had just recently experienced this “stinkin’ thinking” in reference to the past. Thinking about past relationships and friendships that weren’t conducive to my sense of peace. It is important that you stop these thoughts as soon as they start. You have to create positive affirmations to enforce your goal of happiness. Also, be in tune with your surroundings and what I mean is the internet, television, books, etc. Feed your mind with things that enhance your motivation. Of course, we all want to be connected with reality but jut try to find that balance. Playing the “blame” game only sinks you further into a depression. Recognize that mistakes, doubts etc will happen but they do not make you whom you are. Such thinking can cripple the human spirit. Too much negativity can be particularly hazardous for those individuals that have managed to escape an addiction. One of the main difficulties with this type of thinking is that people slip into it without even realizing it. It’s hard to keep track of your thinking but it is worth a try to escape this dead-end trap. A great method, mindfulness, along with meditation really helps. I will go more into detail in future posts about meditation but it works wonders. Keeping a journal is also helpful. Focus on gratitude and positive thinking to rule over the excess negative thinking. You got this! One day at a time176424-keep-calm-and-never-give-up