Interracial Love? Do or Don’t

Interracial relationship is the term used to describe intimacy that takes place amongst two people from different cultural backgrounds and ethnic groups. Social problems such as negative attitudes, side glances from strangers and racial comments from family & friends encountered by interracial couples occur almost on a daily basis when appearing in public together. Some […]

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I decided in the past week that I would write a post about interracial romance/love etc because I have strong views about it. As I went to check my reader, I noticed a post that grabbed my attention. As I read I felt a rush of excitement because here was this writer expressing exactly how I felt. I truly feel that love is such a personal experience and how could it be reduced to appearances only? There is so much more to this and I appreciate anyone who can be precise and compassionate when it comes to topics that so many fear. The unknown causes so many to be uncomfortable when it shouldn’t. Now don’t get it twisted, I am not a woman who will bash black men. I feel that black men are precious and rich with history and pride. As a whole, I’m aware of all the negativity associated and the need for some to tear down the black man. I just feel that character is so much more important than good looks. Deciding to get to know somebody from another culture/country is a step forward in bridging the gap. Yes, we all get that “butterfly” feeling when somebody, whom we find hot/sexy, flirts or engages in conversation. I’m saying that you shouldn’t write off dating another BC of the cultural differences. Take some time to read the post and recognize that real love doesn’t care about body type, model looks or wallet size. It only cares about what’s inside.