Let It Go

I was reminiscing about an ex-boyfriend and although I tried to remember the fun/good times, I felt like I was still holding on to pain that I truly wasn’t aware of until this very moment. So I did what any true writer would do, I managed to work out my expression by writing it down. I am an amateur when it comes to rhyme and poetry, haven’t made it to the level where I can just free verse. I am not worried, in time that will come. For now, I can release and exhale as I heal. It is the process and I am grateful for my growth.

You tempt me with your charm
And true intent was harm
Never truly loved me in its entirety
Twists and turns ups and downs
Demands, reprimands to make me frown
Like a vampire u set your sights
On using and abusing, leaving me with fright
Caught up in your web of lies
You knew from the start, no surprise
Of your clear misuse of a young girl
Trying to maneuver in this cold world
Like a deer frozen unable to see
That by design you exude cruelty
Infatuated with the way you made my body yearn
Naive and carefree but oh I would soon learn
Control was your modus operandi
So blind, intertwined with needing attention
Brokenness all the time questioning my sanity
It was you, your blatant disregard, selfish pride how dare u insist & persist to take me for a ride
Then hold me captive, this slave mentality that I was yours, As if I were property
Yes, I played my part in your wicked scheme but never did I intend to be violated, such a bad dream
Being with you was never good for me
Slowly but surely I started to see…to learn to love myself in time I grew
I had to end this thing, danger keep away I just never knew
Moving on, going forward, I aim to see life, to have so much more
One step at a time as I close the door black



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