My Brother, My Best Friend

I come from a family where I am affectionately known as the “baby girl”. I have two older sisters and one younger brother. From as long as I could remember, my brother and I are best buddies. There was never any sibling rivalry or any fights for that matter. Our days were almost always spent laughing and we share so much in common. We’re both introverts yet we have a keen sense of humor. There is a four-year age difference but that didn’t even matter to us. Our love of good music never changes and food! Lol! Let me also add that we always dress to impress, We’re a good-looking team. And did I mention modest.. If there is only one person that I could trust, I would have to say my brother. He knows me so very well and so many times we can be together in a room and vibe off the positive energy. Not having to say a word. When we do engage in conversation, its constant smiles and motivation. When I think about him, I am inspired to be my best self and I know he feels the same way about me. We have a unique relationship that we never allow anyone to interfere or manipulate with. Our bond is evident and we maintain pride in our love for one another. Let me share a few key factors in what makes it work.: We talk to one another, not just communication to reply but dialogue, finding a common ground and what we both mean to each other. Spending time together is also important. Sometimes, when you lead hectic lives, it’s not so easy, but setting a specific date/time is just fine. Create emotional bonds. This just means that we encourage one another, so as not to make the other feel as if they’re alone. Doing this can help deter interest in negative peers and groups because either one of us  wants to find the “love” and “acceptance” that they already have, but do not feel. Acceptance, which could be as simple as a piercing or a tattoo or could be something more complex yet like the saying goes, It is not what we are that is important but who we are. Keep your word. I believe this is crucial, A spoken word is whom you are. If we say we will do something or give something, we keep our word and our promise. Offer advice when needed  There will be times when challenges arise and you find that you have to ask for guidance. We listen and then offer a solution, not so much as what one wants to hear but what is needed to make sure we get it right. Be friends, not just family.  Many people feel that if you have a brother or sister, you should have a friend for life. Sounds nice but that is not always the case. Some siblings dislike each other. It’s not to say they don’t care but along the way complicated issues may have caused certain tensions. Being close with each other, we realize that our relationship is a blessing. Even in tough times, we hold on to the fact that we are honest in our feelings. This brings me to the next thing. Smooth over rough spots after a fight. I have to say, I can count on one hand the times my brother and I disagreed about something. The few times this did happen, we had to learn how to accept responsibility for a part that we played and learned to apologize if need be. We never hold on to grudges between us. That’s not cool. We don’t get aggravated at something that may have happened, it may not have been the best situation or action but through practicing forgiveness, we get past the hurdles. Give  Taking the time out to choose something that we feel shows our love is a wonderful gesture. It could be a key chain or a hat, it is all about showing how much we care. Understand  In life, there are always changes and sometimes, difficult things occur. It is unhealthy to let any feelings, be it positive or negative, reside in one’s heart without finding an acceptable way to express these feelings. My brother and I understand each other. We tell one another “I Love You” so that it’s clear and doesn’t leave any room for doubt. If either one of us needs a shoulder to cry on or just a listening ear, we do that, no problem at all. He has my “back” and likewise. “Because I have a brother, I will always have a friend”brotherandsister2