Leader Vs. Boss: Choose One

The saying goes that while every leader can be a boss, not every boss can be a leader. In todays’ world where it can be so competitive the two titles can mean totally different things. For starters, even saying the word “leader” has a more positive connotation than a boss. More often when people decide to go after their goals/dreams, the title “boss” is what many desire. A boss is the one in charge, takes control and mainly concerned with the outcome of a project. A leader tends to carry more responsibility going in and is more concerned with the process of the outcome and the people who work toward that result. Leaders show the way and get involved, working together as a team to move forward. As a leader, there are no commands. Rather, there is an ongoing dialogue of listening and speaking to get the job done. Always ready for advising, discussion and any feedback an employee has to offer. A boss can intimidate where a leader motivates! This is so important because when there is an employee who may not be prepared for certain duties, a leader shows empathy and support to back them up. It is known that each employee is there for a reason and the belief in their ability is solid. A true innovator realizes that it is never too late to learn more. Bosses can be arrogant, choosing to scold or shout. That approach never works and causes everyone to be on the defensive. Feelings are hurt, emotions run rampant and the next thing you know, there’s a self-righteous attitude displayed amongst each other. A leader will offer constructive criticism when necessary but is aware that humiliating others can be damaging, especially in public. Setting aside a time for a meeting individually will bring about the best effort. Trying to establish equal relationships is what makes a great leader. I have made a choice to learn how to become an effective leader in my life. Ego can get in the way often and I would say that the times where ego led would have to be the times where I felt I needed to prove myself to others. One important factor in life is learning that people are entitled to their opinions and right to feel however they choose. Trying to be liked will end up in disaster. When you set out to prove that you have a good heart or a kind-hearted character, it’s imperative to know when you’ve extended far beyond your reach. Sometimes you have to whisper positive affirmations to yourself and continue to keep your self-esteem in tact. It is possible! The choice is yours.

I would like to mention writer Leyla Abdullayeva from Elite Daily who provides a great analysis of characteristics that separate a boss from a leader. All the best.curlyhair2