There Is Always Time For Tea

A nice, hot cup of tea is always a good idea.  As a tea lover for quite some time now, I have enjoyed many different kinds.  It’s like a hug in a cup. Soothing and tranquil, tea has both physical and mental benefits. I will list just a few types here:

Green Tea  This is the most popular type lately and here’s why: *Anti-viral & Anti-bacterial *Reduces rick of stroke and blood pressure *Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory

Black Tea*Heart ailments *Asthma *Digestive problems

White Tea *Protects the circulatory system *Cancer prevention *Oral health i.e. tooth decay

Oolong Tea * Boosts metabolism, Weight loss * Lowers cholesterol *Increases mental alertness *Promotes health hair *Immune systemteavana1

These are just a select few that I have enjoyed and there are so many others with awesome benefits as well. I had the opportunity to visit a store, Teavana (, in the local mall and I must say, it was impressive. Loose tea, pitchers, mugs it was truly an ideal place for anyone who is interested in making the switch from coffee or just trying tea for the first time. An old Japanese Proverb states “A bath refreshes the body and tea refreshes the mind” I find this to be true. When it feels like your world is at odds, it is possible to find solace and have those laden moments vanish. Life can be hectic, as we all experience various issues. Some more complex than others but the fact is that at some point, we have to try to re-connect with the feeling of peace. This is just one way but I also believe in many other methods of relaxation from exercise, meditation, aromatherapy, writing and so on. Teas like chamomile have been great for individuals that may suffer with digestive issues and ginger can help ease nausea. There is a really cool spice, Turmeric, that I have just come across and I wish I had been introduced to it a long time ago. It’s wonderful. I make a hot tea of almond milk, honey and a full teaspoon of turmeric powder. Not only does it diminish aches and pains, it is superb when u need rest. This golden spice is known specifically for its’ anti-cancer properties. Of course, there has been a great deal of research and is still on-going but the main anti-oxidant, Curcumin, is very powerful.  There are also parties dedicated to tea, a great reason to have friends and/or family over. If the idea of socializing or crowds may be a bit much for you as it is for most of us introverts, it’s just fine to wind down with a good book or movie. Flowers in my hair, tea in my hand and love in my heart. ” Chai it, you’ll like it”teaparty