Healthy Hair

I want to start this off by breaking the myth that certain cultures have a hard time growing their hair. Contrary to this belief, anyone can have long, healthy hair. It’s important to note that long does not always mean healthy. The key is to have both health along with length. Curly/kinky hair is naturally drier than other hair types so this is why many maintain their idea that straight-hair has an “easier” time in growth. I LOVE many types of hairstyles and I have tried them all! Natural, weaves, ponytails, colors, U name it! I have even decided to start over in my process a few times, with a Big Chop.bigchop It was liberating and it felt awesome to finally see my true hair texture. I would then be able to learn exactly what I needed to maintain proper hair health. So, once my hair started to grow back in I noticed there were curls, kinks & waves. Oh boy! Talk about frustration! I had to find products that would work for this combo and let me tell you it was not easy. Even to this day, I will come across something new and give it a go. I confess, hair is pretty awesome to me. Call me crazy but I have this obsession with it. It goes back to ancient times where the saying was that hair held strength and vitality. A necessary energy. I will share a few things that work for me such as : Moisturizing – I have had dry scalp issues so for me, I make sure to use hot oil treatments and deep conditioners. You have to figure out a schedule, if it’s once a week etc but keeping your hair, especially the ends, moisturized will ensure growth. Eating healthy – It is true that if your body isn’t healthy, your skin and hair won’t be. It does make a difference but don’t be discouraged. You can incorporate healthy foods a little at a time and make some changes like switching from soda to water. Vegetables are important also. Vitamin/Supplements – I noticed, as years passed, that my hair was thinning and even shedding more than I expected. About a month ago, I was detangling my hair after a deep conditioner and so many strands were in the sink! I decided to look into some info on hair vitamins to see what I could find. Right now, I am taking a supplement called “Hairfinity” ( I was drawn to this product because the founder is an African-American woman, Tymeka Lawrence, who needed to find solutions to her own haircare problems. So far, after only one month, my hair has grown and hardly any shedding. For me, this is definitely a plus going forward and I’m excited to see further results. The awesome bonus is that these are multi-vitamins with Biotin and their patented “Capilsana” blend. mae.gifCurly, kinky, coily, wavy hair is so versatile and although it takes longer for our type of hair to absorb all the oils we use etc, it is so worth it to see the growth pattern. Of course, with any hair type you will need to trim the split ends. As you deep condition more, you will see less of these split ends. Damaged hair CAN be repaired, it takes daily care. Some choose to transition from wearing a relaxer and allowing their natural hair to come in while others, like myself, chose a Big Chop. One way isn’t better than the other, it’s all about what you are comfortable with.Now I have shoulder-length hair and soon it should be back to the length I had as a teenager, which is pretty neat. Cheers to happy & healthy hair!cheers