Relapse Triggers

Relapse triggers can affect any person in recovery that may encounter people, situations, or settings they associate with past drug abuse. I want to go further and clarify that when it comes to addiction, most think of drug use but there are multiple addictions. Sex, food, social media to name a few. I have a post about battling addiction and you can read it here :

Often times, there are strong urges to slip back into addictive use. A relapse can occur long after one decides to stop this behavior. Advertising can be difficult because it is designed to trigger our impulses and desires. Situations, people and even times of day can all be triggers. It can be overwhelming or so very subtle. I was on the fence about sharing my areas but this is what my blog/purpose is about. Being vulnerable enough in hopes to encourage another. Sex, social media & marijuana are the three. I’ve written about the first two and I will share the links as well:

I haven’t written about my addiction to marijuana because of course I didn’t want to draw attention to myself in a negative way from others but simply put, it has been over a few months without it and I am doing just fine. I started as a teenager, it was a way to distract myself from reality, it eased my mind and I felt a comfort zone. Choosing to identify some known relapse triggers can prevent the fall back into addictive use. Let’s go through a few:

Exhaustion: Allowing yourself to become overly tired. Good physical health is necessary for emotional health as well. It will reflect in your thinking and judgement. Adequate rest, good nutrition and regular exercise are important.

Dishonesty: It starts with a pattern of small and unnecessary lies to those you interact with. Soon you may find that you lie to yourself or make excuses to avoid working out your plan for recovery.

Impatience: Things are not happening fast enough for you. Others are not doing what you want them to do, or what you think they should do. This can be a major trigger for many.

Cockiness: “Got it made” compulsive behavior. Putting yourself in situations where there are temptations to prove that you don’t have a problem.

Self-Pity: Feeling like a victim, refusing to acknowledge that you have choices, and that you are responsible for your own life and the quality of it.

Boredom: This trigger is most common but it can be overcome through finding positive outlets, hobbies. Find your passion and/or talent then choose to place all your energy into making it a commitment.

These are just a few triggers, there are many others. For those who do relapse, you are NOT a failure and you are NOT alone. Be proud that you have tried. Just because you may have slipped, doesn’t mean that you can’t recover. It is a process, it takes time, persistence and belief. Keep trying and NEVER give up!relapse4