I came, I saw, I contoured


My love of cosmetics has evolved over the years and I can truly say wearing make-up is a fun and ever-changing part of my daily routine. I’m a loyal customer of M.A.C. cosmetics but of course you are welcome to find a brand that is suitable for your style. Beauty advertisements and products can make you feel that there are flaws you weren’t aware of before.  So far from the truth, it is meant to enhance your beauty not hide it. It’s a hard balance to find but doable when you realize a few important things about the love of makeup itself. The first thing to be clear on: loving makeup does not equal insecurity. Makeup is an art used to highlight, not about putting on a mask, when done correctly. It is learning to emphasize your favorite things about yourself. It’s fashion, the perfect accessory to any outfit and it’s FUN. There is a reason why many of us as young girls, would go and experiment with our moms’ makeup bag. A bold lip color, a cool smokey eye and/or defined lashes can brighten a mood and make it a good day. you're worth it

Makeup is not, contrary to popular belief, about impressing other people. For those that truly love the process of applying makeup, we will admit that it is enjoyable.  It is for me and I have been able to step out of my comfort zone with new colors which is awesome. There is a particular shade I am feeling right now by M.A.C. It’s a matte lip color titled “Oh, Lady” I never thought that I would like the color or that it would compliment my skin tone but it is wonderful! Some times, I may not even indulge in foundation, eyeliner etc. Just a fresh face with this fierce lip says it all. Makeup is a powerful way to effectively reveal something unique about your inner self. As great as I believe makeup to be, I also have my moments where I feel like going natural. Do I still feel confident and secure? Absolutely. Makeup is a creative and pampering treat just like doing your nails/toes. An outlet with so many finishes, textures and techniques to try. It’s self-expression and I love being able to let my creativity flow. makeup2