Stop The Stigma

Hey! In light of World Mental Health day, I have decided to write a post on Black Mental Health in particular, as I believe that we NEED to start talking about it more within the black community. I recently watched a very interesting documentary on BBC THREE about mental illness within the black community. It […]

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As I was reading her blog, AFROSOPHY had an awesome post on Black Mental Health. I decided to share this post on my blog because it is well-written and informative. I totally agree that we need to have more dialogue about mental health and it’s effect on our communities. So many are dealing with disorders and overall depression but choose to be silent, out of fear or simply because they do not know about the resources that are available.strongwomen

This link provided also gives information on how to find support and encourages mental health awareness. We have a choice as always, yesterday’s hurts or today’s celebrations.