A Meaningful Life

We all come to learn, in our journey, the importance of being humble.. There is the old saying” With great power comes great responsibility” and without this clear sense of humility, we cannot fully be true in using our power responsibly. As you gain more understanding of your genuine self, you start to become more mindful . In some ways, this can be a detriment when you feel so invincible and free that it borders on arrogance. It is important to understand that arrogance is an imbalance and doesn’t serve a true purpose. A common attitude people develop is the “warrior attitude” and it comes from a place of anger and at worst, hate. Having such strong resentment against life will only cause more anguish for the individual experience and I have had to learn this lesson quite a few times myself. To be clear, humility is not meekness yet it is just a mindset where respect and gratitude are at the forefront. In life, we have trials. Every event that we face has a seed of growth in it. Many times we ask, what is this growth towards and we question the point of it all. There are moments when we may feel helpless. It is OK to work through this emotion and even reach out if need be. Asking for guidance and assistance is a sign of strength, accepting that we do not have all the answers. It can feel like a regression or a backward step but on the contrary, learning how to embrace vulnerability is a sign of progress. It is with this notion that we press on through the bad days and circumstances that are inevitable. Taking a moment to say that you need some direction or advice will only build a rapport with the right people who are dedicated to their growth as well. Remember, when you are letting go and removing negativity, it clears space to make room for more encouraging and supportive people in your life. Embrace ambition but always make time to check in within.loveearrings

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