Time Out

Do you tend to remember the good or the bad events in life? I feel that it is fine to remember life lessons, you either win or you learn. No such thing as losing. It’s when you start to dwell on the negative  and enter a place of self-doubt or self-pity; it can be ineffective in your plan to succeed. A popular Buddhist saying” You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection.” There are three trainings or practices in Buddhism: Sila, Samadhi, and Prajna.  Sila is the practice of virtue, morality and good conduct. The classic “Golden Rule”: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Samadhi is the mental development and refers to concentration and meditation. Prajna is the discernment or enlightenment where wisdom emerges into a person’s calm, pure mind. So, the issue that seems to be at hand is when you start thinking negative about something, it can be really hard to think of anything else. It is also so much easier to act and react in anger. It requires self-control to choose to take the harder road. Thinking positive, we are more likely to act positively as well. That’s how it goes. We are indeed what we think. All that we focus on is what we will manifest. I read something the other day which has become a mantra for me “Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you. When you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.”

Reflect on the good things.reflect


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