The Beauty Of Silence

Hindi: “Maan mahaan shakti ka srot hai”/ English: ” Silence is a source of great strength

For some people, silence comes naturally.  These prosperous individuals know the power of silence and are comfortable with it. For others, there is a need to learn the art of practicing silence.

Silence is polite. We live in a society where there is constant noise, from radio, news, cellphones, businesses, to the constant talk of people around us. We can end up feeling as if we don’t have the time to communicate our thoughts. However, when we are silent we give others a chance to speak. To convey the message that their thoughts matter as well. Sometimes, when we communicate, we say too much.  We may over-explain.  We can often lessen the harsh blow of a negative answer by choosing to be silent. Also, if someone happens to say something that may be negative , silence sends a clear message that we are not in agreement with what has been said. Often, our non-verbal communication can be stronger than our verbal language. Facial expressions, eye contact, posture, tone of voice: all can be used to express what you really mean, connect with others and build better relationships. There are also times in life where silence offers empathy and understanding. In situations that may be sorrowful, difficult or hurtful, we can show someone we care by being there for them without a barrage of unnecessary words. There is comfort in calming silence.

We can become effective communicators by utilizing our ability to be silent.

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  1. As I have been reading your posts I have become more and more impressed by your inner beauty. You compassion and love. Your hope. Thank you for sharing your heart, soul and mind with us.

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