Jealousy & Envy: Choose Love

These emotions, Jealousy & Envy, are not conducive to your path to success. There is a difference between the two but both can be damaging to your mental and emotional health. The emotion of envy is always often confused with jealousy. Jealousy involves a thinking pattern that you will lose or have lost some type of affection, security etc because of someone else whereas envy is directed at others but it’s a desire to have their qualities, success or possessions.  They are both signs of a lack of appreciation of self.  There is not one single advantage to be gained from harboring jealousy/envy.  I do understand that in life, there are situations and events that may push you to entertain comparisons and contrasts but during these times, take the opportunity to ask some questions. This is the time to check within rather than immerse yourself in a shame response. Do you feel that you lack in some specific quality that you would like to develop? How do you truly feel about yourself and what do you want to do with your life? When you stop and think about how we are all created with a unique purpose, it lifts you up and serves as motivation. Not in devaluing behavior but truly feeling happy for someone else’s accomplishments.  I have experienced every emotion, like anyone else, yet I learn, as soon as those negative emotions arise, discard them and pick up ones that promote well-being and unconditional love. One thing to keep in mind, true confidence does not have room for these feelings. Uncertainty can lead to doubt, fear and sadness. I want you to know that choosing to compare yourself with an idealized version of someone else can threaten your self-esteem. Don’t give in to this negative mindset, especially when u engage in criticism of others. It is one thing to advise and show an alternative but take note of your boundaries. Remember, towards self or others, jealousy/envy is a disrespect to the meaning of gratitude. Try to exercise your strength in your ability to give thanks daily. Happiness is your right, so there is no need to feel guilty in showing it. Intend and act from a place of love.



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  1. Yes, after being blessed with so many things that others can only wish or think then also at times we develop the feeling of jealousy which surely is not a good thing but as human we usually tend to compare us with others as you have stated very beautifully. Wonderful post!
    Will glad to have you at my site too!!!

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