Meditation: Quiet The Mind

As a Buddhist, I try to practice daily meditation.  I am looking into beginners yoga as well since I’ve seen a new center in my area.  For me, meditation helps clear all the noise. It brings me to a place where I can be emotionally and mentally free. I would like to share with you a link to a new 21-day workshop on guided meditation brought to you by Oprah Winfrey’s LifeClass and Deepak Chopra. It is titled Hope In Uncertain Times”  It all begins 4.10.17 and the awesome thing is that it is FREE! If that wasn’t great enough, there is also a companion booklet, where u can journal all your thoughts/feelings and it is FREE as well.  I have tried one other guided meditation and I must say it has been a refreshing experience. I really admire Deepak Chopra for his ability to share what he learns and how he states a clear fact: Always remain teachable. There should never be a point in your life where you feel you “know-it-all”. It is actually placing a limit on receiving all the universe has in store. I have included a video with Deepak & Oprah where they discuss the definition of meditation & more. All the best as you seek to find a renewed sense of trust and optimism in your life.


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