I wrote a post earlier about my daughter Nia. Her dreams. After taking a walk around my neighborhood and truly thinking about it, I don’t feel that this type of opportunity is one she should pursue right now. I feel that she needs to make her education top priority, throw in some extracurricular activities, I.e. Gymnastics, Girl Scouts and eventually make her to way to a more intense environment with modeling/acting. Of course financially, it is just not a goal that I can make happen but I am not discouraged because there are always options. When you think of good parenting, you want a balance of fun and discipline. I know that I want the best for her but I also want her to be encouraged by realistic goals and aspirations. Not saying she can not make it to her version of success but in the meantime, trying on activities that will still boost morale and leadership skills. I have to admit, I couldn’t deal with the whole GoFund Me campaign either. An awesome idea but somehow for me, it’s just not the answer. I have to let my faith and belief show and prove that what is meant for me will manifest in due time. It’s funny how when you quiet the mind, you can feel direction and clarity. I was uncomfortable with the idea that she may be excited about a desire she was not completely ready for. And of course, here I am willing to do whatever it takes. That’s just a natural reaction from any parent I guess. momanddaughter2

I wanted to spend a quick moment on selfishness/selflessness.  If you live your life as if everything is about you, then you will be left with just that.  Just you. The difference in putting yourself first as opposed to thinking about yourself constantly. Yes, you are required to work on you but being selfish is all about ego. It is the lack of respect and regard for anyone else that can be an issue. As you go through life experience & mature, you will start to see a shift in your thinking pattern. It’s no longer about ego and it’s more about how you can be of service. Seeking attention or self-fulfillment in certain things will feel mundane. Ghandi stated” Interdependence is and ought to be as much the ideal of man as self-sufficiency.”  Try to use each day to practice gratitude and help someone who may be in need, be it emotionally or otherwise. Life really is beautiful. We just have to take the time to appreciate the many great things it offers.keepdreaming

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