Anger Management

I have a previous post about this intense emotion anger and here is the link :

I want to list a few skills that can have a major impact in dealing with emotions of rage/ anger:

Recognize your anger early – If you are yelling, it’s probably a sign that you’ve allowed the emotional aspect to take control. Learn the warning signs that you are getting angry so you can change the situation quickly. Some of the more common signs are feeling hot, raising your voice, balling of fists, arguing and so on.

Take a timeout.- Try to temporarily leave the situation that is making you angry. If there are other people involved, explain that you need some time to collect yourself. I will even go further to say that if that’s not possible, walk away. In that one moment, you are taking an initiative to allow all to cool off and it is a wise move.

Deep breathing – Just breathe! Count your breaths and keep track of time. It will help take your mind off the situation if you focus on the process of inhaling and exhaling.

Exercise-  This can serve as a physical and emotional release. There is a chemical, serotonin, that I’ve learned about, which increases your mood and brings a sense of relaxation and happiness. It works!

Express your anger- Once you have calmed down, it is important to express your frustration. Being assertive and not confrontational. In doing this, it will help to clear any confusion and avoid future issues as well. If you have to write a letter, send an email, leave a voicemail, whatever course of action you need, do so. With the intent to come towards a peaceful solution.

Think of the consequences- What is the true purpose of an all out fist fight or a heated argument? Will it convince others that you are right? How does an anger-fueled action bring you to a positive outcome?

Visualization – Imagine a relaxing experience. Think and feel every sense. Spend some time imagining every detail of a comforting scene. is an awesome website with worksheets, interactive tools, videos, articles and so much more! Keep calm & carry on…