Tackling Racism With Haikus: Anti-Racism Campaign


Hey all, I am currently following a blogger who writes about being inspired by another fellow blogger who has chosen to start a campaign in writing haikus of love and peace.  In doing so, we are taking a stand against the divisive message of violence and hatred because of ethnicity, culture, religion and so on. Racism robs the sensitivity and humanity of this world. It is hostility propelled by fear.

Understand our differences
Create a unique bond
Forward thinking will unify and fortify our great nation
God Bless America

We are all exceptional. We should never set out to intentionally disregard or disrespect another because of race, faith or social status. Our awesome human nature is a desire to love. These learned behaviors of negativity truly have no place in humanitarian intelligence and community well-being. It would be awesome if we all would choose to come together and make a difference. A true reform. It all starts with you. Right where you are.