Always Be A Work In Progress

Today was my first Hana yoga class. It was actually a private lesson and I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful instructor, Robin Kidder. I didn’t have on what I would consider “proper” yoga attire but I was reassured that I would still be able to participate fully. As we chatted about my lack of experience lol, I was so pleased by her professionalism and inviting personality. The atmosphere was calm and soothing music played on a nearby stereo. So, the mats were brought out, blankets and there were blocks. There was also this harness belt wraparound thing which gave extra support. I thought it was so cool. Robin started me off with some poses, she named them and gave me the names in Sanskrit so I could look them up and learn more. I have to admit, as we went through each pose, I could feel slight pain in my body. Perhaps due to the fact that I haven’t been back in Crunch fitness working out or was it the fact that I was stretching and working out areas that I never knew about? Either way, it was awesome. I tried to follow her lead but after a minute or so with one pose, I had to pause. Reflecting on deep breathing throughout was the key but all I could think about was laying flat on my stomach and taking a nap. Lol. I went into the lesson thinking that this would be simple exercises and just like that, mind and body in sync, I’m done. Boy was I wrong. I was so impressed by her skill and the way she included me, no judgements just compassion. It takes constant practice, discipline and not so about a “perfect” pose but the result/outcome: balance. A sense of peace and serenity. It’s not so much about self-improvement as it is self-acceptance. At one point, there was a pose I truly enjoyed where I raised my hands above my crown and then bring it down with my palms together towards my heart. I love it!!! I believe it was a form of “Hrdayanjali Mudra” also known as the reverence to the heart seal. The one pose that I struggled the most with is the standing pose. Core stability and alignment. Overall, I am proud of myself for trying because that is the first step. My goal is to build up tolerance and increase my strength over time. Here is the link to their website:  It was truly a great experience! Wow!



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