Thank You

Hey Everybody! I started this idea back in February so it will be two months soon! Wow!  My first reaction to creating a blog was one filled with anxiety, self-doubt and some fear. Choosing to be so open with my good/bad days, life events and so on wasn’t an easy decision. So many times, I felt like ” Wow, what will people say?” With the first blog post, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. I was at the ” AHA” moment that Ms. Oprah Winfrey has talked about on many occasions. This place, a measure of comfort and creativity. This is ME. Beautiful Intellect.  My words, my poetry, music and advice all from a young woman whose determined to see dreams and goals manifest. Depression and/or being diagnosed with a mental illness does not have to stop you from being your best self. With each new day, there are opportunities to make changes and strengthen self-acceptance. Over time, I have realized that your truth, may not be in tune with some, at any given moment, and that is just fine! Mutual respect allows us to share differences and use our right to expression.  Authenticity is more about being true to your own character despite any other influences. I am grateful for the readers that have decided to follow my blog and for the readers that choose to remain anonymous, taking a look every so often to see “what’s new” You know who you are and you are appreciated 😉 Thank you so very much. All the best in going forward.