Give Up The Need To Be Right

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I want to let it all go. Let go of the hurt, anger, sadness, resentment, envy and every emotion that leads to a dead-end. I’m done. I need to give up the need to be right!!! At some point in our lives, we all yearn to be right. Ego is behind this type of mindset. The “ME,ME, ME” attitude does not work in our best interest at all. It seeks approval and validation at all costs and doesn’t care whom it steps on to get there along the way. Ego thrives on drama and focuses on short-sighted self-motives.

The feeling of being right can be exciting and addictive at first but what eventually happens is a feeling of righteousness which can close your mind to other possibilities that may exist. You shut off the capacity to learn and in that moment, you are doing a disservice to yourself. There are so many things that could be working out for the greater good but how can one ever see dreams/goals come to fruition with a know-it-all frame of mind? It is not good to let ego control your life in this way. Is this the type of individual you truly wish to be? I know, without a doubt, that I am always learning. It is a cycle that I am open and eager to embrace. I remember taking a course in History, I believe it was African-American studies and I had a Professor that felt strongly about many events in Black History. I remember an assignment where we each were called upon to write a speech as either Booker T. Washington or W.E.B. Dubois, state our reasoning for the audience, etc. I believe that I was one of few students that decided to choose Mr. Washington. I wrote with all my passion and strength into what I truly believed was the right idea, a certain compromise of values/morals etc. Up until this day, I feel that it was one of my best essays. I did not receive the grade I felt that I should have and in turn, my final grade was one that left me disappointed as well. But I believed I was right and how dare anyone else have a thought other than what I know to be right and that’s just the way it is. The End. Wrong! It was an experience(one of many) that prepared me for the reality of allowing humility to work in my life. One fact of life: Lessons will come around, even repeatedly, until you are able to grasp the intent and apply it to your situation. That is the beauty of remaining teachable. I want to silence my ego and let my love advocate for a balance of realistic/idealistic leadership in all I say and do.