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There are many times that we may feel as if something is missing in our life. We go along, through the motions, and may feel numb or wishing we had a more positive connection. The saying goes that the two greatest days of your life are the day you are born and the day you figure out why, your purpose. If you do not know what your purpose is, then it can be difficult to keep going forward.

I have had various jobs, from working in retail , banking, even an opportunity to experience the corporate world with Rockefeller Development Corporation/Lehman Brothers. All of these experiences were just my way of putting in the required work and receiving adequate pay. I struggled often to figure out my life’s purpose and it has taken some years, along with frustration and confusion, to get to this place of self-growth. I had to accept that my methods were not the best in finding my passion. It is not a process where you think your way into a purpose, you must do. Take steps towards the things that bring you a sense of fulfillment and remove things in your life that are a hindrance.

The more you act, the more clarity and confirmation will manifest. It can be difficult but getting out of your own way is the first step. Asking yourself the question, “what is it that I love to do?” Being inspired and connected to lead from your heart will give you the motivation and joy to further explore.

I also had to embrace the idea that there is not only ONE purpose, there can be many. Living an authentic life with purpose calls for you to follow your passions. I have a few things I am passionate about. Writing, Fashion Design, Social Work, Acting. The belief that there is only one thing meant for us in life is limiting and blocks the greatness we all have within. So you have to try the unknown, and be determined to engage in daily action along with passion which will give you a result: purposeful life. This is not to state that you need to tackle everything all at once! Although I agree with the fact that it’s a great idea to focus on one aspect and give it all you can, I also believe that you can miss out on other opportunities by excluding different ideas. For example, I am at ease when I write. I am passionate about writing and I believe that there are least two books within me lol…at least. I am also passionate about being involved in social work, helping and caring for others. The possibilities are endless once you take responsibility and act on what drives you.




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  1. Melanie, this is a well-composed and practical article. I gravitate to…”[Trying] the unknown.” I think this is where the power of purposeful living lies. Keep up the great effort! And about that “book or two”…I’d love to see that happen…soon.

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