How To Truly Trust In Yourself

When we think of “Trust”, it is typically something that we have in other people and situations. We find that through experience and life events, things often change. It is defined as the “reliability, truth, ability, or strength in someone or something” Choosing to trust others can sometimes lead to disappointment and frustration all depending on our point of view. Learning to be vulnerable, even after deep pain, can feel impossible but it doesn’t have to be. If you can choose to forgive and remain open/trusting, you will soon find that your world changes for the better, as u learn to follow your instincts and eliminate fear.

One important aspect of trust is realizing that there is an unchanging, stable presence of awareness within. Learning to trust in your true self. As I am learning through meditation daily, centering yourself in this awareness can alleviate self-doubt. With the right attitude, you can reach any goal you set to achieve, it’s all about perspective. There are a few things that can help when learning how to trust yourself: Meditation or taking a walk in nature. Notice all the details in your surroundings. I happen to live directly across from an awesome waterfront (Hudson River) with a playground for the kids, benches, even a skateboard area. I like to sit out there and watch the sun set or watch a team practice rowing. When u slow down and take in all the sights, it’s actually impressive. Keep a notepad of affirmations. When those doubts start to creep up on you, take that moment to write down some positive self-talk. If you begin to feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts or anything not going as well as you would like, take a break. Sometimes, you have to shift your focus. Put on a favorite song and dance. Pick up a coloring book or a puzzle. Watch a funny movie. Once you decide to come back to the issue at hand, you may have a better understanding and a possible resolution. Make sure to add laughter and playtime in your life. For me, I enjoy working out but it can be anything you choose. I also enjoy simple pleasures like a mani/pedi. Having a gratitude journal is also a great idea. It can serve as a constant reminder of everything you are thankful for. Reaching out to your support network is also key. Reassurance that you are not alone or the only one that may get stuck or feel discouraged can help to shift those thoughts of ” Am I good enough” or “Why me?” into a more positive mind-set. You can never lose your inner trust regardless of what people say or do. Learn to believe in and trust yourself. “Assurance of hope is more than life, it is health, strength… and beauty.” – John Charles Ryle