Stomp Out Stigma

Mental Health America of Dutchess County, the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Mid-Hudson, and the Mid-Hudson Addiction Recovery Centers, have joined together in 2017 to STOMP OUT STIGMA!

Saturday June 3rd 9am-1pm

Walkway Over The Hudson

Awareness Walk & Wellness Expo

Registration is free and The Wellness Expo is presented by Healthalliance & Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital, members of the Westchester Medical Center Health Network

Depression, anxiety, mental illness/disorders have always been a tough topic for many. From experience, I see that the conversations are centered around hearsay and beliefs that are passed on through different cultures. When we break an arm, there are people who are eager to sign your cast and wish you well yet when there is a mention of major depression, illness etc the reaction is usually to run the other way or pretend that there isn’t any issue all. We can be so very accepting of any body part that is broken except for our minds. This type of thinking can intimidate those who are affected and may cause many to “suffer in silence”. It is time to have an open dialogue, share information, dispel myths and work together in creating safe environments for so many who would like to work their way towards wellness.

For more information, to register, donate, create a team, or find a team to support, please visit online at

See you there!


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