We often find ourselves exhibiting impatience with our growth. I have a previous post about patience:


Many times we can be overwhelmed and/or discouraged when we allow a negative mindset to take control. Thoughts such as “Why is this taking so long?” “I must be doing it wrong because I don’t seem to be making any progress.” Or “Why are they improving more than I am?”

The fact is this: contrary to how you may feel, there is absolutely no competition..in recovery, performance, goal setting etc. As the saying goes the only person you should ever find a comparison with is the person you were yesterday. It is imperative to recognize the efforts made and celebrate changes as they manifest within. The error is when you make a judgement, with self or towards others in how you perceive a process or outcome. There was a time, in all of our lives, where we didn’t know then… what we know now. This is not to say that we shouldn’t use tools to motivate and practice skills to enhance our capabilities; I believe that the key is to live in the present moment. Ruminating about the past and trying to predict the future will cause unnecessary stress and confusion. It is a daily commitment and it is possible to achieve all that you desire. When asking a life coach, mentor or any professional “Tell me, how long have you been practicing the habits and patterns that got you here?” The answer for many “All my life.” Naturally the response would be to evaluate the idea that a few weeks or months is sufficient to turn lifetime patterns/habits around. It can be a major challenge but when you take your time, you will find that you are better prepared for any tasks and also obstacles…or as I like to call them”plot twists”  We must learn to be much more patient with life, and most of all, patient with ourselves.

I am learning to be satisfied with progress rather than perfection.