No Fear

F.E.A.R= Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise!!!

Fear is one of our basic emotions. It is an emotion that can be triggered by things from which we need to protect ourselves. Everyone is different, some people enjoy the feeling of fear and will watch scary movies or do things that make them afraid-as a way of having fun. For the most part, many people do not like to experience fear and for those who suffer with anxiety issues as well it can be a nervousness or distress that is overwhelming. People experience the emotion of fear in many ways. Some get very still, others may want to run. There is a term for the surge of energy fear instills, “Fight or Flight” There are also events that can trigger the feeling of fear such as being in a new or unfamiliar situation, being in a situation where you have been threatened or hurt in the past, or where painful things happened..towards you or others; Expecting to fail, Believing that you will not get the help you want or believe you need, losing a sense of control or feeling as if you may lose something valuable.

The major problem with fear is that it can be remembered and one can ruminate about these feelings for a long time. When this happens, many people end up being afraid of something we do not need to be afraid of anymore. There are various coping skills in learning how to overcome the emotion of being fearful. First, it is important to mention that with situations and people, one must be pro-active. Once you are aware that certain things are a trigger then it is in your best interest to steer clear of those circumstances or individuals. Positive self-talk is a skill that can be done at any time of the day. Phrases such as “Keep going” ” I can do it” ” Stay focused” ” Be patient” “Do all things in love” will reinforce those core beliefs and serve as inspiration. Choosing to be assertive is another skill that can help with many emotions, including fear. It is a balance, neither aggressive or passive, the purpose is to state your needs,wants, likes and dislikes without a confrontational or judgemental stance. In this way you will achieve interpersonal effectiveness and set a standard for self/others. Last but definitely not least is the skill of Journaling. Writing down your triggers, expressing your frustration with negative or unfavorable people/events, releasing fear, anger or sadness, will help work towards better moments/days.

Make a conscious effort to stop letting fear rule your life. Get up everyday stronger than yesterday!