Everybody Needs A Coach

“People who have a tight network of positive human bonds, exhibit greater life-satisfaction and better emotional/physical health.” ~ Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Life coaching is not the same as psychotherapy but it can be used in addition to licensed therapy sessions. Many people have heard the term “life coach” or “mentor” but few really understand how beneficial and unique this relationship can be. A life coach can provide value by assisting to mirror your true self, without the weight of other’s values, thoughts and views. It becomes much easier to figure out where you would like to go, what you like to do and which path holds the greatest promise for a fulfilling, meaningful life. The bond you form with your coach can help you truly discover what is important to you and empower you to create plans, set goals and bring dreams to fruition.

Coaching sessions can help separate the emotional clutter of daily life. The guidance of a supportive coach will allow a clear perspective in setting aside time for your needs and wants. Taking a step back and look at your entire self, not just parts of self that demand attention. We know that when things go well in one aspect of your life, this positivity can spread to other areas. Taking daily action towards your dreams will help you to stretch beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone. An example would be your current set of skills, social groups and familiar environments. A life coach will work beside you to specify goals which you wish to be held accountable for as well as gently push you to make significant progress. Often, we can become drained and/or overwhelmed by various short&long term plans. This is inevitable but your coach will assist to monitor your level of energy and scheduling of time. Toxic relationships and situations can definitely take away creative energy while supportive conversations, meditation etc will replenish. As I have mentioned on my “Get help” panel, it is necessary to find someone whose a good fit. In order for any real progress towards success, there should not only be a comfortable rapport/mutual respect but soon after, a level of trust as well. http://www.tonyrobbins.com has some great tools to help you decide why you may want to hire a life coach. Also, as finances can be an issue there are many times where you can receive free introductory sessions etc. Do the research and you will find what you need for sure..

Therapy and coaching can be a great combination and a perfect self-discovery journey. So..just what are you waiting for? Create your lists, connect with your mentor and get started!

“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.~ Dr. Steve Maraboli