Live For Today

Boundaries. An important issue. Most often we speak about boundaries between us and other people. Where does my responsibility end and yours begin? Usually we are concerned with limits regarding interpersonal effectiveness but there are also mental boundaries. One of them is getting lost in yesterday.

Yesterday’s fears and hurts can overrun the boundary of today. We tend to lose sight of the difference between what has happened in our past and what can/will happen today and in the future. Allowing resentments, anger, betrayal, even disappointments, can cloud perception and be viewed as today’s facts. The expectations and judgments we have held on to for years can be confused with the untapped potential waiting to be realized. Patterns and habits that may stem from our family systems become the norm for today. Truthfully, it is understandable to feel frustrated and/or stagnant by letting old memories resurface but it is unfair to yourself. You cannot follow your passion or purpose by reflecting on past events or being dismayed. It will take some real dedication and a willingness to persist…maybe even professional guidance..but it is important to try your best to not let yesterday use up today. When you choose to live each day in mindfulness, in the present moment, it is an opportunity for unlimited possibilities.

The choice is yours, as always: yesterday’s hurt or today’s celebration.