Check Yourself/Slow Down

“You need to check yourself!!!”

“Well, you need to slow down!!!”

Have you ever found yourself in a similar interaction with a friend or loved one about an issue or frustration? I believe at some point we all have and there is an affliction that we choose to carry called “me” or “mine”

What is it that we call “Ego” “me” or “mine”? Ego is our deep attachment to desire, which can also include ignorance and aversion. We tend to be attached to the belief in something energetic which can distract us from the “boredom” and/or “depression” we experience.

Overcoming the biggest pitfall of mindfulness is learning to eliminate the “ego”.  When we choose to implement any type of healing methods, we destroy the ego and its intention to coerce us into a form of toxic spirituality. The ego can cause us to reject mindfulness altogether and neglect to awaken our inner healing process.



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