S.O.S.= Sick Of Singleness

I was walking around my neighborhood yesterday and the weather was beautiful, sun shining, cool breeze and everywhere I turned, there were couples holding hands. Some would stop and gaze into each others eyes, others would stop for a kiss. I walked by the local pizzeria and one couple decided to share a single slice. I guess they must have asked for the slice of pizza to be cut into small pieces; the young woman slowly brought up a piece to her lover’s mouth. Next, it was his turn..he kissed her lips then fed her a piece from the plate. It was all so wonderfully romantic that I had to take a photo, after asking permission of course. The cuteness level was to the max as they also had a small pet with them, a black Shitzu puppy by the name of Onyx. I enjoyed petting and talking with the adorable little guy, so full of energy. Onyx kept rubbing up against me, wagging his tail but he did something odd. He kept looking behind me, as if he didn’t expect me to be alone, followed by a head turn/stare. Was it just me or was he giving me the side-eye because I didn’t have a lover to share a nice hot slice of cheese pizza with? Lol! I quickly said my goodbyes and walked towards the waterfront, feeling slightly unnerved by ‘man’s best friend’. I swear, I think I even saw him(Onyx) stick out his tongue at me! I chose a bench right by the river and started thinking about relationships and choices. Wherever we are and whomever we are, there is a plan for each one of us. This is easy to say but harder to trust. To be exuberant and delightful while seeing engagement posts or wedding invites, even baby showers can be a challenge when you may feel that you are personally missing out on these joys.  Some are destined to be married while others are bound to be dedicated to their career/parenting objectives. Both are awesome in their own right yet many of us struggle with the fear of missing out..or at least what we perceive to be missing in many areas of our life. For example, if something fun is happening, I want to be a part of it. Most people feel the same about various activities and/or entertainment. This fear can actually be one of the hardest parts of single life. The struggle is real. It can be painful when we have a desire for something that seems just out of reach. We all want to be loved and feel the pleasure of a companion and/or life partner. The ache of singleness shouldn’t be minimized or ignored but the key is learning how to avoid falling into the bitterness ‘trap’. When we focus on the frustration, we overshadow the abundant possibilities that are present right now. As a single person, we cannot let the longing in our hearts become louder than our gratitude.. for good health, sound mind, cutting off toxic situations/people, and so on. If we try our best to use the time we have alone to accomplish and experience new things that can only be effective in the freedom you have now, the success you manifest will be undeniable. Use the silence for reflection and preparation. Also choose to tap into your source, your personal belief in your higher power, through meditation or, however you choose to gain clarity and a sense of peace. Remember this: You have a unique purpose and choosing to act from a grateful heart daily will allow you to set realistic goals and therefore, visualize our dreams in the present and actually attract our future based on our focus. Believe in the person you truly want to become. All else will flow in proper order.

“Each day provides it’s own gifts”- Marcus Aurelius



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