Get Out Of Your Own Way

You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way

In every journey, we are faced with a moment of truth. In that moment, we must decide between whom we are…and whom we wish to be.  Too often, we can be our own worst enemy when working towards our goals. We get caught up in habitual ways of thinking and feeling that can dominate everyday life. From judgements, expectations, worries, resentments, and even stories about what should and should not happen; Of course it may come from others but I will get to this in a few. Life happens and most of us go along with inner commentary about how things aren’t quite right. Getting out of your own way means becoming familiar with your inner world. You learn and discover what makes you suffer so that you can choose peace instead.


There will always be a reason why you shouldn’t do something. The key? Just start. Push through the insecurity that’s stopping you. Once you get started, so does your strength/energy to see it through. You will find that you roll right past any obstacles you were anxious about before.  I tend to be a perfectionist and try to do many things at once. Never works. There is the art of multi-tasking, however, it’s much easier and faster to focus on one thing..then the next. Also, don’t be afraid of the F word: Failure. You’re human and many times, emotions can go into over-drive about various situations. Try your best to learn from it and recognize that it is a part of the process. Remember, “We are what we repeatedly do.” Consistency will keep you going. Choosing to dedicate yourself to hard work with your goals will help maintain the momentum you created. This brings me to an important point here I mentioned earlier about others: Choose your friends wisely.  The people you interact with on a daily basis directly influence whom you are and what you do. You want to make sure that you surround yourself with people who are encouraging you and holding you accountable–people who you can learn positive habits from. Distance yourself from the “negative Nancy” & “Debbie downer”. Respectfully decline conversations that aim to tear others down. Refrain from engaging in gossip or idle chatter. Systemize everything. Set out to become more organized in all you do, from minor details which will leave more room for bigger and better thinking. Lastly, reflect on your influence! Think about how your words/actions affect others. We all have the power to transform other people whether we realize it or not. A simple phrase, label or expression can have a positive or negative outcome so choose to motivate and inspire. You may spark creativity in another just by starting out on your specific goal/project. That is an awesome way to “lend a helping hand”.

“It’s impossible”..said Pride. “It’s risky”..said Experience. “It’s pointless”..said Reason.

“Give it a try”…whispered the Heart.





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