Practice Makes Progress

Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent.”

Start where you are. An imperative lesson to learn in this “immediate’ gratification society.  Many of us are held back by the fear of being perfect. One of the reasons that we are not allowing ourselves to be a beginner is because we look to people who have what we want i.e. success, hot body, great home, wealth, awesome career. Many of us were not apart of their process/journey,  so we tend to envy them, believing that somehow all of this happened overnight.

The only effective way to learn anything is through experience, and trial & error. Doubting yourself, over-thinking, and letting old thoughts/habits continue to play in your head will only keep you stagnant. Choosing to feel badly because you keep comparing yourself to others will take away from the fact that, just like you, they began at the starting line. Learning something new, even becoming an expert in that field, take practice and perseverance. If you are truly passionate about your goals, it is actually a continuous life-long process. Sometimes, we make the mistake of thinking that because of our age, along with daily life experience…we know it all.  Not only is it a disservice to yourself, it is actually a form of disrespect to others. We need to remind ourselves that each of our paths are unique, what one person is adept at, another may require additional training.  When you are being hard on yourself as a beginner,  you do not get the opportunity to appreciate your journey. Sometimes, you have to put blinders on. Seriously. Don’t feed on negative thoughts or other people’s fears and doubts. We hear the phrase “Believe in yourself” so often but it is overlooked.


I still find myself a little discouraged with my goals/dreams. At times, I tend to focus on where I should be in my journey and I don’t take enough time to celebrate the “little” wins. It’s healthy and empowering to remind yourself of your own progress. How does it go? Rome wasn’t built in a day LOL. Things don’t happen overnight. Patience is something that I constantly struggle with but it is a huge part in growing something so beautiful. Here is a link to article that I find informative and awesome:



3 thoughts on “Practice Makes Progress

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  2. Start where you are. Do what you can with what you have, because there is no perfect timing. There’s no right moment. We’d be waiting our who lives for the right moment. And things don’t just happen… we’ve got to make them happen.

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