Just Fine

Mangata. The glimmering road-like reflection the moon creates over the water.


Sometimes, we get caught up in the process of trying to find whom we are- our purpose and value in life – that we tend to lose sight of what is important . Our purpose has already been made for us long before we were even born. What would we think of people who threw litter on their own front lawns or poured a few cups of sugar in their gas tanks? Would we say that such behavior is merely foolish or downright dangerous? Possibly both. What about sabotage… your goals/dreams when you are more interested in the lives of T.v. characters than you are in your own life? Investing months in recovery only to let it fade away in the heat of the moment? For those who have support systems, if the meetings are working for you, would it be wise to stop going? You do not have to be insane to be a self-saboteur..you just have to stop thinking. It is ok to feel overwhelmed, it is a sign that although there may be a few areas that need some adjustment..there’s still progress being made. Continue to utilize your coping skills, be receptive and willing to adapt, believe in yourself and learn the best way to shut out the negativity. It is a guarantee that there will always be some type of obstacles, disappointments and/or setbacks. It does NOT have to define you. Refuse to jeopardize this progress by giving in to those fears that whatever you set out to accomplish cant be done. Be on guard against complacency and laziness. That is the error. Deciding to let life pass you by. I remember mentioning that it is in the little “wins” that you can feel a sense of security. “What is done in love is done well”- Vincent Van Gogh

Don’t lose yourself over a comparison of where u should be and what should have been done. As long as you are willing to bring about change, you have the time to do so. One step at a time. You are what you think. If you think you can or you think you can’t. You are right. There will always be talk of being well prepared but do the best with what you have, right where you are. Choosing to have faith and exercise patience can be very trying , especially when you are determined to receive Plan A, God’s best for your life. Authenticity can be a challenge as well. The moment u admire or are engaged by a mentor or role model, you have to keep in mind that although there are certain qualities you wish to reflect, the key is to persist in being YOUR best self. Remain unique and ready to make your mark in the world.

“The easiest and noblest way is not to be crushing others, but to be improving yourselves.”- Socrates







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