About Me

I decided to start Beautiful Intellect as my outlet and space for African-American women who deal with depression and/or diagnosed with a mental disorder. I believe that we become so familiar with being the “strong black woman” that we lose our ability to connect with our being and in turn, our flaws/imperfections. I remember watching my favorite movie “Love Jones” and although Ms. Nia Long is an amazing actress, I also felt a connection with her zany, sexy friend “Josie”. Ms.Lisa Carson was in the media last year about her personal struggle with Bipolar Disorder. As I read her interview online, I was touched because her experience was similar to mine and I am certain many others.

Beautiful Intellect tackles the myth that we have to be pillars of strength 24/7. We have the right to take a break and tune in with ourselves before we can be a positive influence and/support for anyone else. We have to take our mental health as seriously as we do the physical. This forum will share my perspectives on the facts, myths and include information on coping skills . In the form of poetry, art or just notes of encouragement. I love writing and I have dealt with major depression, anxiety as well as being diagnosed with a disorder. The struggle is genuine so when you read with an open mind, understand that this is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. Abuse will not be tolerated here.

We need to break the silence that comes with having to deal with depression or being diagnosed with schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder and the list goes on. Practice acceptance and seeking a mental health professional is a first step. Next, try to find support groups online or in person.  Og Mandino wrote “Failure will never overtake you as long as your determination to succeed is strong enough” All the best in your journey to your best self.

“Wishing all beings at ease” Namaste.






2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there!

    Wow! I think you do a great job of describing what you intend to share and discuss on your blog and I am looking forward to it.

    Thank you for the follow, as well.



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